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Diagnostic probes
In the Homo-system of the body, a therapeutic correspondence point (or treatment reflected point) will be notable for a keen tenderness following a mechanical pressure. It is this phenomenon which is taken into consideration while conducting diagnosis or therapy.

The treatment point will be located by applying a uniform pressure at the correspondence area. Painful sensation caused by a diagnostic stick hitting the treatment point would be often associated with spontaneous mobile response of the muscles of the body part under investigation.

The size of the head of a diagnostic stick used in search for, and stimulation of, the treatment point should coincide with the area occupied by the correspondence area in the selected therapeutic system. The ribbed side surface of the stick serves to provide massage for the hands and feet, as well as for secure retention of an instrument by the doctor.

Artificial stimulators, Su Jok magnets
Metal stars - prolonged-action stimulators of correspondence points.

Marked tenderness appearing even when slightly pressing on a metal star will point to correct application of the latter. Having fixed the star in the tender point with an adhesive plaster, the patient presses on it periodically by himself, making local massage. The nature of illness determines the duration of the application. It can vary from several hours to several days. Various sizes of metal stars allow to enhance the effect of their action in working with correspondence systems of various sizes. A star can be used considering the colour of the metal.

A white-metal star is used mainly in acute pathologies, while a yellow-metal star will be more effective in chronic diseases.

These instruments used for the purpose of giving mechanical massage stand out as the most simple and accessible to all method of stimulation. By superficial massaging the correspondence zones one could avoid having to localize the nerve points. In fact, this procedure is likely to be performed by the patient himself as the massotherapy or prophylaxis, either on a regular basis or as required.

In providing the correspondence systems treatment the therapists rely heavily on the wire-masseurs (rings, sticks), tubular and roller-type masseurs (spiked rollers).

Wormwood cigars - moxa
The wormwood sticks - or moxas - are purposed to carry out local thermotherapy.

The therapy proves especially effective in dealing with sick patients of old age, and with chronic diseases occurring against the background of general energy emaciation. It is also efficient in trying to subdue pain syndromes and to cope with all kinds of diseases caused by the Dryness and Coldness energies.

The application of moxas will enable the therapist to practice an effective, strictly individual therapy involving no risk whatsoever. However, special care should be taken in applying moxas for persons allergic to the wormwood and the wormwood smoke, as well as for patients suffering from different forms of dermatitis and other acute inflammatory skin diseases.

The Su Jok therapy makes use of small wormwood rolls, minimoxas and micromoxas.

Needle Inserters
The injectors are intended to permit of an essentially indolent insertion of microneedles when therapy involves stimulating the body Homo-system points, and when it is performed in accordance with the Eight-Ki principle by activating the points of byol-meridians and byol-chakras.

Human models, Su Jok molds
The visual aids to study the Su Jok acupuncture are the hand, foot, finger toe and ear molds carrying the byol-meridian points. These molds will also help to develop practical skills.

The human models featuring a map of classical corporal meridians and meridian points will represent a visual aid aimed at studying the topography of corporal meridians, the direction of energy flows therein, and the location of meridian points.

We can offer you published materials on Su Jok therapy and Onnuri medicine in English, Spanish, German, Russian and other languages. These issues are meant for physicians of various specialities, medical students, as well as for all readers who want to master an effective and drug-free method of medical aid.

You have a possibility to borrow the magazine Onnuri medicine in English and Russian. On its pages you will find new developments in the theory and practice of Onnuri medicine.

Computer Programs
The teaching computer-based programs are intended for independent studying of the Su Jok therapy techniques. The whole bulk of well-illustrated theoretical material will come up in a concise and clear-cut manner. Carefully organized, coverage proceeds stagewise, with the primary standard of knowledge the hands and feet correspondence systems being reflected in the Human Body Homo-System program. The secondary standard of knowledge, which is the treatment using byol-meridians, you are to find in the Energy Flowing Therapy program. The teaching programs can be approached as a common block owing to the fact that they are characterized by a fairly similar interface, uniform style, and continuity in logic. The special convenience of the teaching program lies in its ability to check on the assimilation of the material. This is achieved through a number of tests of the varied degree of difficulty.

The teaching computer-based programs are designed for the users who are keen on making a thorough study of Su Jok therapy techniques.

As to the diagnostic program, it is intended for energy-status diagnosing and finding out the most efficient way of correcting the energy balance of the patient.

A principal merit of the program in question is its capacity to render assistance to the medical practitioner in its efforts to evaluate the potentialities of different diagnostic approaches. Moreover, it would allow for assessing in a most comprehensive manner the greatest number of complaints, symptoms and diagnostic signs, which is of paramount importance to making an adequate energy-oriented diagnosis.

The diagnostic program has been created to substantially facilitate and expedite the work of the doctor.

We have three colourful posters picturing the correspondence systems of the hands and feet, the "insect" systems, the energy systems of the hands, feet, fingers and toes for you. The pictures display the projections of the organs, meridians, chakras and their points using the related colours according to Six Ki theory. Having these visual aids before your eyes will not only help to easily learn the most complicated training material but is aesthetically pleasant.

The Su Jok big and small (pocket) calendars are used for making a Six Ki time-energies diagnosis, for calculating the Open point, Myong-chronopuncture. They contain information about the Heaven stems and Earth branches of each time units - year, month, and day.